10 Deep Fall 2015 - Delivery 2

Posted on October 21 2015

"This new delivery continues the focus on the vintage, utility and workwear inspiration of the first delivery. There are new adaptations of civil servant uniforms that suggest a shift in point-of-view from the rising tensions of the first deliver to a state-of-emergency in this new selection." - 10 Deep

10 Deep Fall 2015 Delivery 2 - Jacket

Surplus Snorkel Jacket
Cotton canvas snorkel jacket with sherpa fleece lining, back screenprint, hand warmer pockets, reinforced elbows, removable faux fur hood trim, aviator sleeve pocket, and molded two-way zipper.
10 Deep Fall 2015 Delivery 2 Jacket Front     10 Deep Fall 2015 Delivery 2 Jacket Back
Available Online & In-Store
Scoop Baseball Tees
3/4 sleeve cotton jersey tee with a slightly extended scoop bottomed and screenprinted chest graphic.
10 Deep Fall 2015 Delivery 2 Baseball Tee Navy10 Deep Fall 2015 Delivery 2 Baseball Tee Gray
Available Online & In-Store
Spirit Button Down
Custom hand loomed heavy weight cotton flannel jacquard shirt features double chest and mod pocket.
10 Deep Fall 2015 Delivery 2 Flannel Buttondown


Available Online & In-Store

For over 15 years 10 deep has been driven by the same personal strength and energy that bore hip hop, skate, punk and graffiti subcultures. 10.Deep, a backbone of the street wear community, communicates the power of individuality, and the Fall 2015 Delivery 2 is no different. Bold colors and designs coupled with high-quality, utilitarian materials makes 10 Deep's latest drop perfect for all weather wear, from the harsh winters of New England to breezy shores of San Francisco.


"Forget Everyone and Listen to Yourself" 

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